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This is what it looks like on the map.

Once a player creates a guild he automaticly becomes the leader, then he can recruit people, give them ranks, give te guild name: It costs 1000 gralats to change the guild name.

Add guild picture: It is free to add a guild picture, you can make one or find one on the internet.

Change guild news: Anyone with the powers of "can change guild news" can change it. It basically describes a summary,etc.

Add guild allies:2000 gralats

Give powers to players: Decided by the leader. The powers,are: Change guild news; Recruit; Kick;Change player Ranks

Make player leader:An option,decided by the leader. Once the leader transfers power,the only way to be leader again,is to ask the person leadership was transferred to.

Types of guildsEdit

Note: All of these types are self-proclaimed and unofficial.

Tower taking guild: This is a type of guild in which you amass an army of players to attack a Tower and seize it from another guild...also, they commonly have a "tag on 24-7 or kick" rule. These guilds will usually kick if you are offline to make more room for other players If they are recruiting.

Social Guilds: These guilds don’t usually tower as their point is just to chat in big groups and meet new friends to talk to. Most social guilds revolve on fandoms. Common ones to be seen are the K-Pop related guilds.