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This is what it looks like on the map.

Once a player creates a guild he automaticly becomes the leader, then he can recruit people, give them ranks, give te guild name: It costs 1000 gralats to change the guild name.

Add guild picture: It is free to add a guild picture, you can make one or find one on the internet.

Change guild news: Anyone with the powers of "can change guild news" can change it. It basically describes a summary,etc.

Add guild allies:2000 gralats

Give powers to players: Decided by the leader. The powers,are: Change guild news; Recruit; Kick;Change player Ranks

Make player leader:An option,decided by the leader. Once the leader transfers power,the only way to be leader again,is to ask the person leadership was transferred to.

Types of guildsEdit

Note: All of these types are self-proclaimed and unofficial.

Tower taking guild: This is a type of guild in which you amass an army of players to attack a Tower and seize it from another guild...also, they commonly have a "tag on 24-7 or kick" rule. These guild

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