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Types of chestsEdit

There are 4 types of chests.

Cash Chests: These chests are hidden around the map and contain gralats.

House Chests: You can buy these for 500 gralats in MoD town and contain nothing.

Full House Chests: You can buy these for 250 gralats. They are full of fake riches and can only be purchesed at VIP island.

Underground Chests: you can dig up these chests witch will contain a suprize or gralats!

Chest Themed FurnitureEdit

Chest themed furniture can be bought at Red barn furniture.

Bed: It functions as a normal bed. It's dimensions are 2x3.

Table: It functions as a normal table. It's demensions are 3x2.

Chair: It functions as a normal chair. It's demensions are 1x1.

Fence: It functions as a normal chair. It's demensions are 3x1 or 1x3.

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