baddies are NPCs that are hostile to any player when provoked.


Health: max: 3, min: 0.5 Baddies always spawn with 3 health.Damage: 0.5. All baddies are like this.

Types of baddiesEdit

  1. Baddy: Normal type of baddy, spawns on Balamb Island and on the path below the bridge under the castle.
  2. Slime: Spawns around Swamp Town.
  3. Giant slime: Spawns every 2-3 hours to the far west of swamp town. See the article for more info.
  4. Pyrat: Spawns in a cave near south York Town, also drops pyrat eyepaches witch are used in the Pyrat Quest.
  5. bandit: Spawns in bandit cavecave, also can drop the bandit key.

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