Baddies are NPCs that are hostile to any player when provoked by a distraction or not,they damage any player on contact until the baddie or the player dies.


The humanoid baddies have 3 hit points,they are mostly has 1 damage, only Pyrats and Lizardons has 0.5 damage on the player.

Meanwhile, the monsters has 2 hit points and has 0.5 damage on the player, the rare variant of monster has 4 health and has 1 damage on the player. However, green blobs or green slimes have 1 damage on the player and Gaint Octorocks shoot multiple players with 3 spread boulders!

Types of baddiesEdit

Rebel Soldiers: spawns on Balamb Island with 2 health.However,3 health of these Rebels spawns on the path below the bridge under the castle and in Rebel Camps.

Slimes:Spawns around Swamp Town and black slimes in some caves,it attacks you by bouncing towards you.

Giant slime:Spawns every 2-3 hours to the far west of swamp town.It was a boss of the swamp town.

Pyrats:Spawns at Pyrat Bay near south of York Town but also drops maps at the lower rate.

Bandits:Spawns in Bandit's Hideout but also can drop the bandit key and a map on a lower drop rate.

Octorocks:Do not let it fool you,as it can spit boulders at you like ambush rebels,except that they not ambush us in the bush.And they are named "spiders" in the contract.

Elite Rebels:This type of the baddies is a tough one.They move faster,can throw explosive fireballs and has 8 health.

Giant Crabs:Gaint crabs are annoying enemies to catch because they can burrow underground and ambush you.

Giant Octorocks:This type of the Octorock can spit 3 boulders at multiple opponents,it is the boss of all forests with the exception of Onnet Forest as the witch Serena was here.

Ambush Rebels:They ambush you in the bush and attacks you by shooting arrows at you.

Lizardons:They chase you faster than Darknuts and Guards from The Legend Of Zelda series,they are almost immune to sword and completely immune to arrows in front of them.Addictionally,they can breath fire on you sometimes in front of them.They are the hardest baddie to be whacked up so watch out before they chase you!

Snakes:The snakes are aggressive chasers which chases you if you are in front of them.

Rats:The rats cannot chase you but still a annoying enemy as they move unpredictedly,sometimes they stops because they eat cheese.

Bats:They are flying bloodsuckers which attacks you by flying unpredictedly and don't forget to notice the shadow inside the caves.